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Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Driver

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Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Driver for Windows 10

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Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Driver

By Ivan Sulic Thrustmaster's latest outing in the realm of virtual automobile control offers sleek design and a load of high-end functionality, but is wrought with too many minor inconveniences and undelivered potential to make it a definite recommendation to casual gamers, and even the enthusiast alike. There are both cheaper and better solutions around.

Aside from everything inside being crushed by something else, the only real gripe I have with its presentation is the fact that the Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel NASCAR was not used enough on the packaging. At a glance the features of the wheel look mighty impressive. It's like a cornucopia of wheel related stuff I'm an editor. Upon a more scrutinous examination i.

For the hundred dollars it costs, the wheel feels decidedly undersized.

Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel smaller than what you would expect of a higher-end model, it's coated in a rubbery texturing, contoured to be held with thumbs resting above the gearshift paddles and fingers outstretched, bent across them. It's for the most part well laid out functionally, and even has a nice range of motion to either side, but is simply not overly spectacular in any of these aspects, and, if anything, even ends up falling short in a few areas.

Thrustmaster NASCAR Pro Force Feedback Wheel Driver

There are two buttons and two directional pads placed symmetrically on the face. The directional pads are more akin to POV hats.

Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Treiber Herunterladen

The one on the left acts as an eight-way digital pad, while the one on the right is more accurately referred to as a four-in-one button. These can be effective in actual play, but end up more often than not only coming into use during menu sequences, as its far too easy to strike an unwanted direction with your thumb, especially in a rally game during a powerslide whilst the force feedback rumbles away.

Resting on either side of the interior of the wheel, the shift paddles are easily reached by the stubbed-fingered and lanky piano players alike. They're pliable, and feel a bit flimsy, but still solid. That is, they bend easy, and I can see how religiously Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel them around in every turn could eventually lead Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel serious wear and tear.

Casual, or even just respectful use shouldn't end up being detrimental to their health in the least though, so it's really a non-issue.

Thrustmaster NASCAR Pro Force Feedback Review - IGN

Shift paddles not your thing? Thrustmapper has included a separate side shifter that moves up or down exclusively and can be configured to an entirely separate task from the paddle shifters.

Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Drivers for PC

It's functional, but somewhat impractical, as the paddles offer the same functionality, only in easier to reach positions. Still, the addition of both is commendable. As with most force feedback and pedal wheels, there are three wires dangling from the base of the wheel.

This may sound trivial, but it means that during play you'll have to contend with 3 wires draping over your legs, feet, and possibly Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel the pedals. Unless you craft yourself a makeshift wire control mechanism i. It's sad because this could have been easily remedied too.

Because the pedals rest on the ground, they can be stored under your desk. Logically then, they would be the ones to connect to your computer, and to the power outlet in the wall. That way, when the time came to move the bulky wheel out of the way you'd need only tuck the pedals deeper underneath your desk. Since they can passively remain there forever, there would be no need to bother with the constant swapping in and out of USB cables, assuming you have the free USB port Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel course.

Unfortunately, all of the hookups originate at the wheel itself. Aside from the wiring, what's important with pedals is that they have weight and resistance to them.

Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel Driver Windows XP

These do, and are better than most others I've experienced. We're not talking two sheets of balsa wood here with rubber bands keeping them up, these actually pop back up after depressed and need to have some force applied Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Force Wheel them to get them down. Their spacing, layout, and the platform they rest on are sadly a bit suspect and end up ultimately undermining what quality their feel had.

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