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Fender G-DEC Amplifier Driver

Shop for the Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center and receive free bass line, guitar amp tone, and effects so you can start jamming right away. It´s been left to Fender, however, to come up with what may be the most advanced practice amp yet seen - the G-DEC, or to give it its full name. Just to clarify things, the older original G-DEC's had MIDI connectivity to a computer ONLY. The backing tracks on the original amps use the  G-Dec 3 Thirty Speaker Swap?

Fender G-DEC Amplifier Driver

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Fender G-DEC Amplifier Driver

There is something here for everyone, from clean country and reverb-soaked surf tones to full-on metal and Purple Haze-like fuzz. Some of the presets come across as quite brightly voiced, and the effects are sometimes laid on a bit thick - designed to impress by making a Fender G-DEC Amplifier sound emerge from such a small box. But Fender G-DEC Amplifier the whole, the tones are pretty good and absolutely fine for practice.

The backing tracks are a real mixed bag. They certainly cover all musical styles but can vary from quite authentic sounding band backing to cheesy rinky-dink home keyboard territory. Nevertheless they are all a lot of fun and present Fender G-DEC Amplifier solid foundation to play along to.

Most have just drums and bass but some have other instruments, like the nice smoky bar room piano touches in the Chicago Blues preset. In some instances you get a fixed bassline but in others it follows a set of chord changes, like in the various blues presets where you can jam along to an endless bar. Some presets are designed to sound like a particular band, you can easily figure out who from the cryptic preset nameswhile Fender G-DEC Amplifier have even cheekily nicked the bassline from a particular song: Generally, the Fender G-DEC Amplifier sound that comes with the preset is just right for the backing and encourages you to jam along.

This is no bad thing as you can find yourself stretching your playing by accommodating musical styles - not to mention keys - Fender G-DEC Amplifier might normally cross the street to avoid. There are, however, plenty of parameters available for editing the guitar and effects sound to taste if desired.

Fender G-DEC 3 30 guitar amp review MusicRadar

The G-DEC is a damn fine idea. The magazine Fender G-DEC Amplifier serious players Subscribe and save today! Tech Specs Additional Features 50 preset 50 user backing tracks; effects: Amplifier Type Solid-state combo with backing tracks.

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Not only is each backing track matched to an appropriate preset guitar tone - although you can change it if you want to - but it Fender G-DEC Amplifier also be set up to loop perpetually. This means that you can carry on trying to perfect that tricky lick over and over again without having to reach for the amp controls and risk breaking your concentration - a nice touch.

Fender G-DEC 3 30 guitar amp review

As a practice tool, G-DEC 3 is undoubtedly impressive, but you might be forgiven for assuming that the closed-back Fender G-DEC Amplifier inch driver and a power rating of 30 solid-state watts confine it to the domestic environment only, even in this, the larger of its two incarnations. However, stereo jack line-outs mean that hooking the amp up to a PA system and getting a satisfying stereo spread is simple.

Fender G-DEC Amplifier Driver

If you don't need to compete with a loud drummer, the watt GDEC 3 is a viable gigging option for Fender G-DEC Amplifier stages. The onboard SD flash memory card reader Fender G-DEC Amplifier you to save and recall a potentially limitless library of customised sounds and backing tracks via Fender's FUSE software and online community.

As a result, this might just be the ultimate do-it-all solution for the many one-man-band guys on the live circuit who sing and play along with backing tracks.

Fender G-DEC - Wikipedia

Simply hook up the amp to your computer via USB, install the software and begin tweaking amp model and effects parameters. The software also allows for effects combinations that are impossible to achieve via G-DEC 3's control panel, Fender G-DEC Amplifier as putting modulation and delay 'in front' of the amp in the signal chain.

Fender G-DEC Amplifier Drivers Update

Once you've sculpted your sound, which Fender G-DEC Amplifier a simple task for Fender G-DEC Amplifier who has used an amp modelling software package, you can save it in one of slots in the amp's onboard memory or store many as you like on an SD card. Then the real interactivity starts. The only downside is not being able to blame the bassist for bum notes.

Fender G-Dec review

Importantly, the front panel's 'band level' control allows you to tweak the level of your backing track relative to your guitar sound. Even when working with the backing tracks that come Fender G-DEC Amplifier at the factory, fine tuning of the band level is required on a track-by-track basis as you'll find that some of the guitar tones cut through the mix more than others, while the perceived overall level of the backing tracks varies. Thanks Fender G-DEC Amplifier no small part to the high-frequency tweeter that accompanies the amplifier's regular inch speaker, reproduction of the backing tracks without a PA is bright and three-dimensional with Fender G-DEC Amplifier impressively rounded, firm bottom-end.

But what's really interesting is just how well the onboard guitar tones work in Fender G-DEC Amplifier context of a full band mix. This is a welcome reminder that context is everything; sounds that raise eyebrows in isolation can work perfectly when the backing track is rocking away. Detailed analysis of G-DEC 3's individual modelled amp tones is largely irrelevant due to the sheer amount of tone-shaping that the FUSE software offers. If you don't like it, you can tweak it.

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