EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point Driver for Windows 10

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EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point Driver

EnGenius Network ENSEXT Long-range 5GHz N a/n Wireless Access Point . EnGenius Network ECB igabit LAN Access Point $ The EnGenius ENSEXT is a high-powered, long-range Wireless N Outdoor Access Point delivering data rates up to Mbps that operates on the 5GHz. Quick Installation Guide EnGenius Europe Veldzigt 28, PW De following modes: Access point, Client bridge, WDS AP, WDS bridge.

EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point Driver for Windows 10

Type: Driver
23 (3.04)
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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point Driver

See IP Code on wikipedia for more information. WiFi may be Mbps, but the ethernet connection tops out at Mbps. While you may be hard pressed to receive Mbps wireless speed, and many internet connections will be less than Mbps, I still find it a shame that you are limited EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point the ethernet connection on the device. To take full advantage of the potential, they should have put a Gigabit ethernet connection on here.

However, I believe this was probably a chosen trade-off; in other words, they couldn't deliver their proprietary PoE and gigabit ethernet and relatively low cost - as the saying goes, pick 2. Speaking of the PoE, if you are already invested in EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point network solutions, you may not appreciate this proprietary solution. The admin interface and options available are powerful.

However, it is not very standard and consumers with low tech experience may find it challenging.

The marketing material positions this device as a business solution, and as a result those more familiar with network admin or engineering might feel right at home. I upgrade the firmware from factory-shipped 1.

EnGenius Technologies Long Range 11n 5GHz Wireless Access Point (ENS500EXT)

The process was smooth and error free. However, I was a little annoyed that the only download files available were saved as a RAR package, and not ZIP, which required me to download a compression utility.

Yes, I was also surprised to find I didn't have a copy of 7-zip already installed on my testing machine. Plan accordingly.

EnGenius 5 GHz Long Range Wireless Outdoor Access Point ENS500EXT

Other Thoughts: Having tested a handful or routers recently, it was a joy to use one that just worked. Yes, the interface is more complex.

Download Drivers: EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point

But I didn't find it that off-putting. Mine was clearly used as it was sun-faded and the default configuration had changed.

It took me forever to figure that out. Once I realized this, I did a factory reset on it and it was fine.

EnGenius ENSEXT-AC EnTurbo Advanced Wave 2 11ac ENSEXT-AC

This is the default address of When you plug it in to an Ethernet port you will EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point get a conflict. You will have to disconnect the PC that you're using to configure it from the network, change the EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point IP to DHCP, reconnect your PC to the network, plug the device back into your network, let your router give it an IP address, find that IP address, and then log back into it in order to finish configuring it.

EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point X64 Driver Download

In my case, my router decided that the gateway should be My PC was using the Wireless adapter to connect to the Internet so the Ethernet port physical hardwire plug on the back was free to configure the device EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point the instructions. But it's not that easy The "quick setup" instructions that come with the device show you how to assign your Ethernet EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point a static IP address so you can communicate with the device.

Product EnGenius EnTurbo ENSEXT-AC - wireless access point

There are two problems with this. First is that it doesn't work most of the time.

Second you will need to remember to undo this when you're done - if you don't, next time you try to connect to your network it's not going to work unless you've assigned that specific address in this case But, back to the fact that it EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point work. If this value is missing, and it usually is, then it will tell your Ethernet adapter to grab a default IP address for internal loopback testing.

When you do an IP Config, you will EnGenius ENS500EXT Access Point the adapter has 2 addresses - one is the default and the other is the static address that you're trying to assign.

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