Driver for Aiptek Pocket DV5300

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Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Driver

Inc."), product: ("Pocket DV"); vendor: 08ca ("Aiptek International, Inc."), product: ("Pocket DV"); vendor: 0d64 ("DXG Technology Corp. this is the aiptek pocket dv digital video camcorder *record and playback mpeg-4 video *takes up t 5 megapixal pictures *digital voice. EAN buy Aiptek Pocket Dv Camcorder Learn about UPC lookup, find upc. Aiptek Pocket DV Camcorder (Amazon).

Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Drivers

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Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Driver

AIPTEK Pocket DV 5 Megapixel Pocket Digital Camcorder

That means that cameras with built in memory while being lighter and cheaper will lose all your pictures if the battery voltage gets to low. If you want to include several cameras one in each payload here are some things to think about: LCDs add weight and there is no one to check picture quality so they are useless Zoom lenses are heavy and use batteries up faster Find a camera that's a good balance between quality and weight Figure Aiptek Pocket DV5300 how often you want or have to take pictures and select Aiptek Pocket DV5300 camera accordingly Get one camera and test it out before you buy a bunch just bag it up and put it somewhere cold and let it take pictures.

Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Driver

If the Aiptek Pocket DV5300 doesn't have an interval timer, you are going to have to solder timing circuit wires to the camera shutter release so get good at soldering first. Look for a camera with manual focus everything is at infinity Aiptek Pocket DV5300 on a balloon atfeet. You will have to heat the payload to keep a digital camera running the batteries do not tolerate the cold very well.

If you are going to fly one high-quality camera here are some things to think about: Try get a digital SLRs with an external shutter release. Easy to control the shutter with a simple relay. Press the Mode display and OSD indicators, please see page ASF format video clip: JPEG format still picture: WAV format voice Aiptek Pocket DV5300 The following table gives details on playing back your recordings. Thumbnail View Playing back your recordings continued Thumbnail view Switch to thumbnail view.

While in Aiptek Pocket DV5300 view, you can press the Shutter to thumbnail view. Mode icon Highlight box Status bar Review your recordings.

The following table gives details on Aiptek Pocket DV5300 in thumbnail view. You can display your video clips, still pictures, and audio recordings directly on your TV, sharing them with your friends and family.

The following table gives details on menu operations. Move the highlight bar up or down.

Setting Video Resolution Setting video resolution Change the video resolution setting according to your viewing preference. Select a resolution item.

Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Windows Vista 32-BIT

Setting Picture Resolution Setting picture resolution Select the picture resolution according to your viewing preference or the size of photo you want to develop. Setting White Balance Setting white balance Bring up the menu. Enter the Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Balance menu.

Aiptek Pocket DV5300 Driver Download

Setting Exposure Compensation Setting exposure compensation Aiptek Pocket DV5300 can manually adjust the exposure to gain better effects when the previewed image appears too bright or too dark. Setting Image Effect Setting image effect You can apply special effects to your recordings to add a personal touch.

Setting Date Stamp Setting date stamp Enabling the date stamp will print the date of recording on the picture. Bring up the Playback menu.

Select Delete or Delete All.

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