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Professional quality digital camera. Resolution up to x LCD display, Swivel Zoom lens, Playback. Features & details. Professional quality digital. Clicking on the Download Now (Visit Site) button above will open a connection to a third-party site. cannot completely ensure. Agfa ePhoto The PhotoGenie software inside interpolated the resolution to x pixels ( mode, hence the model name of the camera).

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AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 Driver

Overall, a very impressive performance! The 's on-board flash did an excellent job balancing between room illumination and that from the flash itself.

We were particularly impressed by the absence of odd-colored shadows or highlights, caused by differences in color temperature between the ambient and flash illumination. The flash on many cameras is more daylight-balanced, which produces blue highlights and reddish shadows when used under incandescent ambient lighting. To save viewing time, you might want AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 try this mode version k.

Agfa ePhoto 1680 1.3 MP Digital Camera - Silver

Indoor portrait, no flash: We ran a range of variations on this shot: The shots taken at nominal exposure came out a bit dark for our tastes, and there did not appear to be much difference between the automatic or manual white balance images at that exposure level. The camera also provides virtually unlimited picture storage with SmartMedia removable flash memory.

Agfa's ePhoto allows photographers to achieve the best-in-class quality pictures using the company's breakthrough PhotoGenie technology. This camera offers image resolution of up to 1. Through use of artificial intelligence techniques, Agfa's AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 removes image artifacts, such as those from JPEG compression, pixelation, jagged edges, and pasteurization, which are common in digitally captured images.

Image features are then interpreted and reconstructed mimicking the human visual system, much in the AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 way the human eye recognizes features and sees them as they should be seen.

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At the same time, they've addressed a number of issues of interest to serious photographers, including both aperture- and shutter-priority metering, and a unique approach to external-flash support. Its combination of high resolution, excellent image quality, and flexible exposure modes should interest photographers who AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 have dismissed digital cameras previously due to a lack of flexibility or control. At the same time, its ease of use and strong ergonomics will appeal to first-time picture-snappers.

The "FlashTrack" swivel zoom lens can rotate through degrees, allowing even self-portraits while viewing the LCD monitor.

As the name suggests, the flash bar rotates along with the lens, to illuminate the subject regardless of where the lens happens to be pointing. Its design encourages a two-fisted grip, which increases picture-taking stability.

Agfa ePhoto 1680

A single-handed right-handed grip is possible, but only if you have rather large hands. A decided plus is the inclusion of 46mm filter threads on the lens, for attaching close-up lenses and other accessories.

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The 's body is generally rectangular and flat, with a bulge around the lens body. Overall dimensions are 2 x 6.

Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

At this size, it's probably not a "shirt pocket" camera, but is certainly a coat-pocket one. Many cameras use AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 LCD screen for menu items, but we have found few as easy to use as the ePhoto 's. The zoom lens and shutter release controls were also well-located, making for an easy-to-use and predictable user experience. Viewfinder The ePhoto eschews an optical viewfinder, relying solely upon the sharp 2" LCD screen for this function. Agfa doesn't specify the number of pixels in the LCD screen, but the screen is quite sharp, suggesting a fairly high resolution.

We also observed the 's LCD screen to have a particularly high refresh rate, showing little or no blurring or ghosting even for fairly rapidly-moving subjects.

No adjustment is provided for backlight illumination, but we've often found such controls to be of limited usefulness anyway, and the 's screen seems somewhat more resistant to washout in sunlight than most. The LCD Viewfinder is on all the time when AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 actively using the camera. A simple push of the Info button on the left-side of the LCD display returns the camera to normal operation.

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In REC mode, half-pressing the shutter button will also reawaken the camera. As with other swivel-lensed cameras, we found the tilting capability of the viewfinder and lens to be a big plus for capturing images from odd angles. The viewfinder LCD on the ePhoto also has a useful "low light" mode, in which the screen refresh is slowed to allow the CCD to gather more light, creating a brighter viewfinder image. This is a pretty useful feature, as some cameras' LCD viewfinders become almost useless in low-light conditions, because the CCD can't AGFA Digital Camera ephoto 1680 enough light in the short interval between LCD refreshes.

The 's viewfinder image becomes noticeably more jerky when operating in low-light mode, but that's a tradeoff we'll gladly make. Actually, in "low light" mode, the 's LCD refresh is still faster than some competing cameras in "normal" mode.

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