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An electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) is a flight deck instrument display system that The display unit that replaces the ADI is called the primary flight display (PFD). If a separate display replaces the HSI, it is called the navigation display  ‎Display units · ‎Control panels · ‎Data processors · ‎Human factors. ADI Displays specialize in Events, Exhibitions, Tradeshow Displays, Exhibition Graphic, Pull up Banner Stands, Pop Up Displays, TexFrame Fabric Frame  ‎Contact Us · ‎TexFrame · ‎About Us · ‎Lightbox Display. airspeed, AOA, Mach, g, and peak g are shown digitally on the left-hand side of the display. Indicated. airspeed and barometric altitude, trend indicators and a.

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We ADI Display to be the best at what we do through continuous improvement of our operations and services. This dedication to excellence has made us a recognized industry leader in POP displays, back bar promotions and liquor displays. ADI Display ADI, we adhere to the philosophy that "form follows function.

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True airspeed, AOA, Mach, g, and peak g are shown digitally on the left-hand side of the display. Indicated airspeed and barometric altitude, trend indicators and a heading scale are across ADI Display top of the display. The digital indicated airspeed has a resolution of one kt. The indicated airspeed trend indicator wiper ADI Display rotates clockwise for increasing airspeeds and counterclockwise for decreasing airspeed.

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The external monitoring channel also checks sensor inputs to the symbol generator for reasonableness. A spurious input, such as a radio height greater than the radio altimeter's maximum, results in a ADI Display. Clutter[ edit ] At various stages of a flight, a pilot needs different combinations of data.

Ideally, the avionics only show the data in use—but ADI Display electromechanical instrument must be in view all the time. Under normal conditions, an EFIS might not display some indications, e. Only when some parameter exceeds its limits does the system display the reading.

In the case of an input failure, an electromechanical instrument adds yet another indicator—typically, a bar drops across the erroneous data. EFIS, on the other hand, removes invalid data from the display and substitutes an appropriate warning. A ADI Display mode activates automatically when circumstances require the pilot's attention for a specific item.

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For example, if the aircraft pitches up or down beyond a specified limit—usually 30 to 60 degrees—the attitude indicator de-clutters other items from sight until the pilot brings the pitch to an acceptable level. This helps the pilot focus on the most important tasks. Color[ edit ] Traditional instruments have long ADI Display color, but lack the ability to change a color to indicate some change in condition. ADI Display

ADI Display Windows 8

The electronic display technology of EFIS has no such restriction and uses color widely. For example, as an aircraft approaches the glide slope, a blue caption can indicate glide slope is armed, ADI Display capture might change the color to green.

ADI Display Typical EFIS systems color code the navigation needles to reflect the type of navigation. Magenta needles indicate GPS navigation. Advantages[ edit ] EFIS provides versatility by avoiding some physical limitations of traditional instruments.

A pilot can switch the same display that shows a course deviation indicator to show the planned track provided by an area navigation or flight management system. Pilots can choose to superimpose the weather radar picture on the displayed route. The flexibility afforded by software modifications minimises the costs of responding to new aircraft regulations ADI Display equipment.

Software updates can update an EFIS system to extend its capabilities. Updates introduced in the s included the ground proximity warning systemand traffic collision avoidance system.

A degree of redundancy is available even with the simple two-screen EFIS installation.

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